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She Changed Me: One Ordeal; Two Perspectives

by Mike & Candace Chisholm

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Thank you SO much for the initial support for our book so far! We are BLOWN AWAY at the book’s reception, and are humbled that our story resonates with so many people! For those who want to connect with us, please visit our Facebook page ‘She Changed Me; One Ordeal, Two Perspectives.’
On that feed we will include all sorts of moments we wrote about in our book, as well as notable media and appearances we make regarding ‘She Changed Me.’

The book is now available all over the place! Folks can find it at Amazon, Indigo, Barnes & Noble and of course right here directly from us. If you order through this site you can also get your copy personalized by Candace and Mike. Remember, for all sales partial proceeds will be donated to the Michael Cuccione Foundation for childhood cancer research.

We cannot thank you enough for all of the amazing support so far during this journey. Both of us have made the decision to take this incredible trial we experienced and use it to help others. Please feel free write reviews of the book online, and share our project with others to make an even bigger difference!

Written love and joy,

~ Candace & Mike

About the Book

She Changed Me: One Ordeal, Two Perspectives

She Changed Me: One Ordeal, Two Perspectives is the new book by author team and married couple, Mike and Candace Chisholm. The book chronicles the lessons the two learned while helping to support their then 18 month old granddaughter, Elara, and her parents during her life threatening bout with cancer. Don’t worry, the story has a happy ending, but the journey that took the couple away from their home for nearly 5 months in 2020 contained many events that would change how they would live their lives forever. Both Mike and Candace began writing about these feelings and learnings both while they were away, and after they got home having had time to reflect on what they had been through. They waited until their stories were complete before sharing them with each other, mere weeks before the book would be published. One thing for sure, their lives will never be the same, having been changed forever because of a very special little girl.

Partial proceeds from the sale of She Changed Me will go to the Michael Cuccione Foundation, an amazing organization that touched the lives of Mike and Candace during their ordeal, and has saved countless lives through their research and collaborations over the last 25 years. When you read the book you will learn about the special connection Elara has to this phenomenal foundation.


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